Company Profile

    Beijing Work Applied Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 1992. Including the business center, located in Beijing, and manufacturing center(Anhui Work Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd), located in Langxi Economic Development Zone, Anhui Province. In the past more than 20 years, Work Furnace adhere consistently specialized in design, manufacture, construction, repairs and maintenance, transformation ,installation and commissioning of non-ferrous metal industrial furnace.


    Based on the scientific payoffs of the heat energy engineering Dept. of Beijing University of Science and TechnologyBeijing Work Applied Technology Co.,Ltd efforts to delve into new technologies, new processes and new materials, has achieved the unique design style and Specialty in the technology of regenerative burning, which has been successfully applied in metallurgy, machinery and non-ferrous industry.In recent years, Work Furnace constantly absorbed and digested the advanced technology and philosophy of non-ferrous metal industry furnace of Japan, has developed numerous types of industry furnaces which leading the profession tidal current.

   Depending on opening technique principle, steady work style and rich design experience, Beijing Work Applied Technology Co.,Ltd provides high intellectualized, high reliable, energy-saving and green industry furnace.

   Beijing Work Applied Technology Co.,Ltd provides turn-key engineering design and product service for customers relying on its R&D team, taking well-known domestic professors as its lead, pre-sales technical service team with professional quality and immediately responding after-sales service team.
   Our company has established a wholly-owned industrial furnace processing and manufacturing center in Anhui---Anhui Work Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd. This production base has an annual production capacity of 500 sets of equipment, and can provide customers with superior products and services. This base is solely responsible for the import and export trade of our company.
   Quality is enterprise's life! Work Furnace takes “High Quality!High efficiency!Low consumption!”as its core ideas of the development. By high reliability products and leading technology and trusted service, Beijing Work Applied Technology Co.,Ltd creates extra value for its customers.

Products List

Pure Oxygen Energy-Saving Center Melting Furnace
Aluminum Alloy Center Melting Furnace
Die Casting Vacuum Dosing Furnace
HPDC Enaergy-Saving Holding Fornace(Radiant Heating)
Immersion LPDC Holding Furnace
HPDC Holding Furnace( Immersion Heat)
Rotate Crucible Furnace(Double Work Position)